1. smart phones are to main stre
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    smart phones are to main stre

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    Glitch art…

    Glitch art is becoming a thing…can’t I just be hipster for a while without everyone else ruining it!? Lol no I’m happy to see people are liking it. Maybe we can get it to a point when glitches aren’t sad and disappointing any more. I hope we get to a place where glitches are viewed as beautiful. I also believe from a more technical stand point it’s important to understand glitch art because you gain a better understanding of codecs and file types…

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    I ♥ Chiptune!

    So relaxing, so interesting, may only be 16 but hits me right in the nostalgia growing up on Sega Genesis and NES.

  4. Hipster level: 9,001
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    Hipster level: 9,001

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  7. Man what I would do for a N64!!
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    Man what I would do for a N64!!

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