1. cats ftw
    >> N6JLV (Notes: 10) 29/05/12(Tue)3:50:22 Go to Post

    cats ftw

  2. Awwww
    >> N6JLV (Notes: 21) 29/05/12(Tue)3:41:05 Go to Post


  3. Aaaaw the liddo guy is all grown up!
    >> N6JLV (Notes: 5) 04/05/12(Fri)12:16:48 Go to Post

    Aaaaw the liddo guy is all grown up!

  4. Potato understands me :3
    >> N6JLV (Notes: 63) 29/03/12(Thu)9:32:42 Go to Post

    Potato understands me :3

  5. >> N6JLV (Notes: 4) 28/03/12(Wed)4:45:48 Go to Post

    Your best friends¬†aren’t¬†always the ones you spend the most time with, or the ones you talk to most. your best friends are the ones you cant see yourself without.

  6. >> N6JLV (Notes: 2) 27/03/12(Tue)11:09:50 Go to Post

    I lay in bed at night and listen to my parents laugh together in bed, what they don’t know I I’m still up laughing with you even though your miles away.

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